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Who we are

This is a platform for entertainment journalism. Our main focus is film : Hollywood, world cinema. We do reviews, interviews, features and recommendations around cinema. We also cover television, short films, web series, OTT-platform content, stand-up comedy, cinema-related books and occasionally.

We are the ultimate source for impactful entertainment news. We deliver the biggest, most important industry happenings, and provide deep analysis and sharp commentary through interviews, reviews, and much more. We've been dedicated to delivering content that is thoughtful, analytical, and all-encompassing, with a tinge of personality for good measure. Whether it's the latest news on David Fincher's next project, an exclusive interview with the star of an upcoming superhero movie, a humorous and insightful recap of last night's buzzworthy episode of television, or a status update on the ongoing Oscar race, we've got you covered.

Vision & Misssion

Providing extensive viewership by conveying world wise cinema works to the audience, developing policies to raise public awareness about art, supporting the projects serving this purpose, encouraging the creation of qualified artworks, conveying our cultural inheritance to the next generations and reinforcing the place and the role of industries.

Putting the cinema industry in a position of worldwide acknowledgement and elevating our country to a degree as one of the major film production locations.

About The Site

The world's preeminent destination for movie criticism, commentary and community. It is with a mix of great sadness and genuine excitement that we bring you this new site, the product of a two-year collaboration between Digital and web development partner.

We was an innovator in so many ways. From democratizing movie criticism and bringing it to a more mainstream audience, to publishing his reviews to Compuserve at the dawn of the Internet, RW was always pushing the envelope. It was a great challenge to develop a product that would meet his exacting standards, but he loved the site when he last saw it, and we'll do our best to continue to develop something he'd be proud of.

Over the coming months, we'll add content and features to the site, including an enhanced version of RW's fan club, integrated mobile apps, and broader inclusion of video on the site. In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy this collection of more than four decades' worth of content written by RW and his handpicked team of collaborators, searchable and explorable like never before.